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Harbouring Refusal

‘an accumulative curatorial text exploring resources, memory and place in the precarious era’, or, ‘a specific daydream pre-urgency’. Edited by Justin Wolfers for The Lifted Brow, Issue 39, September 2018.

Macquarie Island. Photo © Bonny Cassidy.

Macquarie Island. Photo © Bonny Cassidy.

The Gulf

For Plumwood Mountain Journal, Volume 5, Number 2. Edited by Bonny Cassidy. Which may be read as ‘an unusual trick, this panning-out, this turning-up of the volume against a focalised issue … you might also read it as a deceptively gradual reminder that dying coral is a social problem. These poems attempt to speak for themselves, reducing the canvas of global crises to little lives, local challenges, individual struggles.’

Vanishing Ecologies

A reading of three texts considering extinction events, climate change and geology. For the Emerging Writers Festival, 2019.


Thinking Eucalyptically

Lecture Performance Thinking Eucalyptically for the Ian Potter Museum of Art’s Grimwade Project Award, which aims to give students experience in working in an interdisciplinary context with a significant and extensive material and visual culture collection.